A760E, A760H, A761E 6/1 Aisin Warner

Manufacturer: Aisin Warner

Transmission: A761E, A760E, A760HTB-60LS, TB-60SN

Nr. Gear: 6/1

Filter replacement –yes

ATF Fluid Recommended

ATF Quantity : 8,6 lt



Temperature Level Check : 46 – 56 ° C

Mounting point

Equipment Attacks


Cleaning procedure

Introduction of “Cleaning fluid into automatic transmission“

This operation must be carried out before changing the atf

1) Engine running, let the atf warm up slightly
2) Gear stick in the „P“
3) Remove the plastic protection by covering the transmission fill plug (see figure)

4) Unscrew the transmission fluid fill plug (see figure)

5) Using a „syringe“, inject the the automatic transmission cleaning agent
6) Screw on the plug.
7) Drive a short distance or alternatively, change gears in all possible positions and leave each position on for at least 5-6 seconds.
8) Commence atf change

ATF filter replacement procedure

1) Engine off
2) Lift the vehicle
3) Set up a clean container for the fluid draining from the oil pan
4) Unscrew the drain plug (see figure)

5) Drain the atf in the oil pan (it can be reused as it is new fluid)
6) When the fluid stops flowing out of the pan, remove the bolts and remove the pan by holding it upright (there is still atf inside)/
7) Clean the pan of deposits and residues
8) Remove the old filter (see figure)
9) Fit a new ATF filter
10) Set the magnetos in the pan, fit a new seal and close the oil pan.

The amount of fluid that was removed from the pan during change must be replenished in the transmission via fill plug:
Remove the plastic protection by covering the transmission fill plug (see figure)

11) Unscrew the transmission fluid fill plug (see figure)

12) Inject ATF using a “syringe”
13) Screw on the plug.

ATF level control

1) Start the engine
2) Connect the diagnostic tool and enter the transmission fluid temperature parameter
3) Brake pedal depressed
4) Select each of the gears and keep them engaged for about 3-4 seconds each.
5) Move the gear stick in the “P” position again
6) For a correct level control, the temperature of the atf must be approximately 46-56°C.
7) Unscrew the (overflow) plug to check the level (see figure)

When the temperature of the atf is max 56°C, a thin stream of oil should flow out of the hole and, if this is not the case, proceed with refilling: Using a “syringe” add small amounts of atf through the filling hole in the transmission, which can be covered with a plastic plug (see figure),

until a thin stream starts to flow out of the hole, then close the plug and install the plastic cover.